HTSC – Leading Technology

HTSC is a member of HTI Group, we specialize in providing technology solutions, digital transformation for the Government and businesses in many fields such as Banking and Finance, Education, Retail… Our products and solutions are researched and developed based on modern knowledge and technology to help solve complex problems of domestic and international customers.

We provide products in the fields:

  • Security – Information Safety
  • Digital Transformation
  • IOT
  • Smart City

Best technologies we use

Artifical Intelligence

Applying advanced analysis, data processing and machine learning technologies to analyze images, voices,… to solve problems.

Big Data

Applying big data to store and process large volumes of data, continuously updating data.


Bringing embedded systems that integrate both hardware and software for automation, communication,…

Web-app, Mobile-app

Developing multi-platform products and projects on web-app, mobile-app and desktop-app.

Our solutions

Why choose us?


Our products and solutions have mainly served customers in the Security and Defense industry.For many years, we have gained trust from customers. And we are expanding more and more business customers.

Good services

In the age of technology, time is an extremely valuable resource. We save time for our customers by speeding up projects as quickly as possible, from research, development and product completion stages.

Quality Commitment

Our products, services and solutions are researched and developed by experienced and creative human resources, constantly updated new and modern technologies. The output products are always tested to meet the standards and requirements before delivering to customers.

High security

Security is always our priority. All data, customer information, software, solutions are set up with high security, preventing information leakage, secret disclosure to the outside.

News and events

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HTSC always welcomes candidates who have ambition, desire to enter the software field, and love a young, dynamic and challenging environment.