Automatic construction site surveillance system – HGuard

Automatic construction site surveillance system – HGuard

The automatic construction site surveillance system uses artificial intelligence to support 24/7 management, monitor construction progress, ensure site security and monitor labor safety. This solution overcomes the limitations in accuracy or timeliness of manual monitoring solutions with human monitoring force or semi-manual solutions – installing surveillance cameras but still continuous monitor monitoring is required to detect site security and occupational safety events.

Automatic site surveillance system

Main functions of the automatic construction site surveillance system – HGuard:

1. Intrusion surveillance

2. Theft surveillance

3. Supervision of people entering and leaving

4. Monitoring vehicles in and out

5. Fire hazard monitoring

6. Area supervision Management Board

7. Supervision of occupational safety

8. Creating a time-lapse

The system allows to manage live camera streams, by using AI technology in detecting people and vehicles, face recognition, protective gear, fire, etc., and many other ancillary technologies. Thereby, the system automatically analyzes images and transmits alarms immediately to specialized departments.

The advantages of the automatic site surveilance system:

  • Allows combining and applying multiple features on the same camera
  • Flexibly install features on the camera according to user customization
  • Flexibility to use a variety of cameras including taking advantage of existing cameras for all necessary features without having to replace
  • Near-zero latency monitoring, detection and alerting system
  • Flexible and fast in changing features and operating procedures according to the actual needs of users

The automatic site surveillance system will become an indispensable system for investors and businesses in the process of supervision, construction and security assurance at construction sites.

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