Customer behavior analysis and recommendation system- HInsight

Customer behavior analysis and recommendation system- HInsight

HInsight is an AI artificial intelligence solution that processes data streams from cameras for comprehensive customer insights.

The system analyzes, statistics and predicts customer needs to optimize supply decisions according to the enterprise’s supply chain and business management. The system is capable of thorough and instantaneous analysis of customers’ behavior and values through important indicators such as: gender, age, favorite products, time, location visited, etc. .; analyze and give a description of customers satisfied with the products and services that the business provides.

Hệ thống phân tích và khuyến nghị hành vi khách hàng - HInsight

Main functions of  system – HInsight:

1. Statistics and forecast of customer demand

2. Thorough and immediate analysis of customer value through indicators: gender, age, favorite products, etc.

3. Analyze and give customer portrait description

4. Heat map: visually represent customer movement through color to analyze focus areas and movement trends

5. Visually describe customers’ perceptions and emotions through the process of interacting with the business

6. Export reports on demand

HInsight system can be applied to:

  •  Shopping mall, shopping center
  •  Retail stores, supermarkets
  •  Restaurant
  •  Business enterprises,…

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