About us

Who we are?

HTI Technological Solutions Company Limited (“HTSC”) is a member of HTI Group. HTSC is specialized in researching, developing and providing leading technological products, services and solutions in Vietnam.

Our products and solutions are mainly dealed with digital transformation, information security, smart cities, etc. based on robust technologies in AI/ML, image processing, natural language processing, big data, etc. We are formed by combination of numerous experience in providing the world high-tech products to state-owned agencies with advanced working procedures taken from the world famous companies. In addition, we have a big dynamic, ambitious, and talented team with intensive knowledge in AI mentored by AI PhDs, backed by gifted engineers from leading universities, enabling us to bring optimal solutions to cope with every single problem as well as meet customers’ needs.

Followed by the development trends of Vietnam’s IT industry in close relation with the world innovations, HTSC is the union of Vietnam’s technologies and intelligence that can be locally employed for the world entry.


Our vision is to become the leading providers of technological products, services, and solutions in Vietnam; to promote and employ Vietnam’s potentials and intelligence for the world entry.


Our mission is to connect the talented, integrate knowledge and modern technologies to develop professional solutions and services to deal with information security problems and digital transformation of Vietnam and the world as well.

HTSC People

We are formed by the talented and experienced people with persistent ambition and clear vision to technology development in a dynamic, creative and challenging environment.

Mr. Giang Quoc An


An has 12 years of experience working for a professional Japanese software developer – Toshiba Software Development (Vietnam) (TSDV) – as a project manager. At TSDV, he led his big team and made resounding successes in research and development of software, application of new technologies, contributing to the company’s great successes in its business operations and expansion.

With valuable experience and successes in hand, An joined HTSC as continuation of his perspectives – to build up a technology company of professional, creative environment where he and his team are given the best opportunities to employ individual capacities and availability of the state-of-the-art technologies in order to develop leading technological solutions for both Vietnam and the world.

Mr. Tran Van Thanh

Deputy Manager – Application Development Department

Thanh has 10 years of experience as software developer for large foreign clients from Japan, UK, and the US. He has succesfully developed local and foreign B2B, B2C models to maximize corporate business operations.

He experienced with different roles at big projects such as Solution Architect, Project Manager, Senior Developer…

Upon clarification and understanding of the customers’ requirements, he advised on solutions, system architecture, and software architecture to the needs as well as optimize the existing products.

Now at HTSC, as Deputy manager of Application Development Department, he together with HTSC Board will bring the best products to customers.