Smart City

Smart City

Hệ thống phân tích và khuyến nghị hành vi khách hàng - HInsight

Customer behavior analysis and recommendation system- HInsight

  • Analyze and predict customer needs to optimize supply decisions
  • Describe customer portraits: gender, age, favorite products, time, place to visit,…
  • Heatmaps analyze focus areas and track movement trends
  • Generate report
Phần mềm làm rõ biển số xe h5

License plate clarification software

  • Sharp and recognize images containing blurred and blurred license plates
  • Build a plate management system to control motor vehicles from speed guns
  • Building a signboard management system to control motor vehicles from traffic surveillance cameras
Hệ thống phân tích video - Video Insight

Video Analytics System – HVis

  • Analyze and manage videos, events easily
  • Shorten the time required to check the video
  • Identifying, zoning and tracing objects according to search needs
  • Multi-language
  • Summary video
Hệ thống điểm danh chấm công bằng khuôn mặt - HTI

Attendance System with Face Recognition

  • Easy and accurate face-to-face configuration and recognition
  • Check in/out time
  • Add and remove cameras flexibly, easily integrating into existing camera systems
  • Statistics/report of attendance, time in and out
Hệ thống giám sát vi phạm giao thông h2

Traffic violation monitoring system

  • Identify the license plate, color, type/brand of Vietnamese car easily
  • Detecting traffic violations: running red lights, going in the opposite direction, going in the wrong lane,…
  • Tracing vehicles
  • Recognition of license plates, colors