Video Analytics System – HVis

Video Analytics System – HVis

Video Analytics System Hvis uses artificial intelligence to analyze video automatically, allow accurating identification and detection of objects, behaviors, events… It is like the electronic eye of every security operations, helping to meet the needs of security control, data analysis and information provision for individuals and organizations and reduce a lot of human labor.

The system supports analysis of many video sources and formats such as: .AVI, MKV, .MPEG4, .MOV, .WMV, .264, .H264, .H265, .TS, .3GP, .MP4, .FLV,…

Hệt thống phân tích video

Functions of video analysis system:

  • Video management by case
  • Detect and track objects in videos
  • Human Attribute Identification
  • Face Recognition
  • Vehicle Attribute Recognition
  • Number plate recognition and vehicle tracking
  • Search zoning function (Polygon)
  • Search by moving direction
  • Summary video

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