Attendance System with Face Recognition

Facial recognition technology

Facial recognition technology  is used quite commonly in developed countries. This technology is capable of identifying and identifying a person based on the face matching algorithm obtained from the camera system and management database. HDS company provides face attendance solution with fast speed and high accuracy. The system still works well in some conditions of face with an angle, or wearing a mask. The system allows flexibly updating the employee database, configuring the camera system and allowing integration with human resource management software, automatic door opening systems.

Hệ thống điểm danh chấm công bằng khuôn mặt - HTI

Functions of Attendance System with Face Recognition

  • Personnel database management (allows direct import, import from csv file)
  • Face recognition roll call + draw bounding box around the face
  • Monitor employee’s entry/exit time
  • Allow live stream of each camera
  • Configure adding and removing cameras (Cam IP), flexible in adding, removing, changing cameras (can use any FullHD camera)
  • Export attendance reports on demand (by personnel, by time, by unit) in many formats
  • Provides statistics API for integration into 3rd party software
  • Allows integration of automatic door opening/locking when attendance is successful for security control.

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