IP Locator And Identification Software – RADIUS

IP Locator And Identification Software – RADIUS

Radius uses algorithms to analyze transmission data to determine IP addresses by setting up calls on many social networking platforms from which to locate objects. The software effectively supports the work of tracing, searching and identifying objects in the Internet space.

  • Allows setting up location on multiple platforms social networks: Zalo, Facebook, Telegram, Viber, FaceTime, Skype, Line,…
  • Targeting helps to minimize the loss of resources, resources and human resources for law enforcement units in tracking objects.
  • Legal according to the provisions of the law of Vietnam.
Phần mền nhận dạng và định vị IP - RADIUS

Functions of RADIUS

  1. Determine public IP address by setting up calls on social networking platforms
  2. Zoning, suggesting location and retrieving target’s network service provider information
  3. Store IP information for lookup when needed

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